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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nostaligic Recollections

Carmel Garden, the great place on earth, the origin of my education and most importantly the place for all fun and frolic of my lifetime. Carmel Garden, my school, presents nostaligic moments that still fill me with fun and laughter when I just retrospect those lovely school days. There are quite a lot of fun to share about the happenings in Carmel, what shall I say now, shall I say about being bashed for eating the banned chewing gum inside school during those days. Or shall I tell about being caught and punished by our teacher when I stuck a long paper tail to the pants of my friend. Ahhh!!! those days........., still evergreen in my memory when I recollect them in my leisure. And it goes without saying that Carmel did really lay a great foundation to what I am now. I hope that I would blog all those fun filling moments in the days to come. Until then...


  • This is a really good idea! Keep up the good work guys! Sorta better than the groups thingie when seen from a different angle.. Discussions and sort that branch off from a common topic.. Those can be handled as off-shoot comments rather than keeping our member's inboxes's full.. Hmmm.. Better in more ways than one! Keep up the good work guys!

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