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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Computer Science exam and The pathetic world cup final

the 2003 cricket world cup saw India in all its glory after some initial stutters and excitement reached the zenith - 2 days before our exams were to commence - on march 1st against Pakistan....... a truly awesome match - sad i was allowed to see only parts of it........... but it all boiled down to the final and our computer science xams - and i saw every ball of the pathetic finale where indians were outplayed comprehensively by the roos and then i vividly remember the comment passed by Krishna on the day of the exam explaining why he saw the match instead of studying for the xam - " Intha xam vitta june la marupadiyum ezhuthikalalmda aana ippa vitta WC innum naalu varusham kalichu thaan varum" - thoughts tht maybe coursed thru most Indian fans..................... :)

Luv Aravind

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Numero Uno!

I remember the time when we got our hall-tickets to write the government controlled exams. Our guys would add up the individual numbers of the Registration Number and would give their opinion on the total! A total of 8 was considered unlucky with people booing guys who got an unfortunate '8' that they would fail in the exams! All for the sake of a few laughs, but nobody was taking any chances! Ha ha ha!

I remember Syed from my batch, he got an '8' I think and he was nervously walking around, asking everyone who came across whether it was alright if he had a total of '8' in his registration number! Syed, are you there??? :-)